About Us

Jamison Furnace is Awesome, Just ask us!

We are a customer-service company which provides mechanical contracting services.

  • New equipment sales
  • System design and installation services
  • One-time and contract maintenance

We specialize in the repair and replacement of all types of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), and water heating equipment and all associated systems, including hydronics, plumbing and gas supply infrastructure.

  • Emergency repair coverage
  • Inspection and maintenance services
  • Mechanical equipment upgrades, including individual-component and whole-house installs

Why Choose Us

Although we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we do treat every job with the utmost gravity. We know that your heating, air conditioning, or plumbing installation is one of the most costly installations in your home, and will never undertake an emergency repair, or advise a maintenance function, without first explaining:

  • The reason for the recommendation
  • The likely cost
  • The ancillary benefits to be gained (increased component longevity; better fuel economy; Return on Investment, or ROI)

Our Focus

Jamison Furnace’s reputation is built on providing “concierge-type” services to our clients. Once you have tasked us with your requirements — be they resolving a mechanical problem or providing a professional systems report — you need not think of those issues again. All aspects will be dealt with promptly, professionally and with attention to every detail. That’s our focus, and it’s also our guarantee.

Our Goal

At Jamison Furnace, we don’t describe ourselves as a “construction services company,” but, rather, as a “customer service company providing construction services.” Is this simple semantics? No. The wording reflects our 100-percent commitment to providing the very best customer service every time. Complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

We understand that the construction industry, and in particular the residential mechanical trades, have earned an less-than-glowing reputation for incompetence and — occasionally — even dishonesty. Jamison Furnace is at the forefront of the uphill battle to prove there are still reliable, well-trained technicians doing a good job out there. We’re “one of the good ones,” and we’ll prove it.

Our Philosophy

Jamison Furnace is not a clean and sterile, faceless corporation. We describe ourselves as “Professional yet personal;” although nobody in the company is related, we treat everyone we do business with as family. Our staff and contractors, clients and vendors are all dealt with from a viewpoint which understands and embraces each person’s unique personality, and every one of our employees subscribes to this corporate philosophy:

  • “Good enough” is never good enough for us or our clients. Only the best will do. It shows in our attention to detail.

Value for Money

Obviously, commission is made from sales. Many HVAC companies make a practice of aligning themselves with known-name manufacturers who have instant “brand recognition;” selling more expensive equipment equates to the generation of higher commission revenues. This does not benefit the customer, so we don’t do it here at Jamison Furnace.

Name brands are not necessarily superior to rival products which don’t benefit from equally heavily advertising investments. The only guarantee is a larger bill. We’re big on providing our clients with true value, and take the time to explain to each consumer why, sometimes, we don’t suggest a familiar marketplace player. Of course, we will always accommodate each customer’s specific requirements (sometimes furnishing the brand of their choosing, while at the same time advising against it).

Please note that while we recommend select “house brands” for installation, we carry out service, maintenance and repairs to ALL makes and models.

Next Step

Contact us here at Jamison Furnace to arrange a free in-home consultation regarding any heating, ventilation, air conditioning(HVAC), water heating, plumbing, or gasfitting installation or replacement, full or partial, or to simply learn more about our company and our services