My name is ROBERT KOBLUN I had my hot water heater replaced by JAMISON FURNACE LTD. The water heater was in my residence, MR. JAMISON was very professional, and the replacement was done in a timely manner. This was 11months ago, and it has worked perfectly ever since. MR. JAMISON left the work area in a clean and tidy state. I would have no problem telling my friends and family to use JAMISON FURNACE LTD. for any H-VAC industry issues

Robert Koblun,

Our furance broke down, and given that our house is fairly new, we called the furnace installers (Carrier) and they simply told us that its not longer under warranty and they gave me Curt’s number to get it repared.

I was not impressed with lack of compassion and carelessnes from Carrier’s representative, and although considered calling anybody else except whom they referred me to, I still decided to call Curt.

Curt came to inspect the furnace next morning and although I was anticipating someone who was just trying to sell me another furnace, I was truly impressed with his attitude, attention to details but also the professionalism and how caring he is.He was able to evaluate the damage and what I really liked was the fact that Curt discussed the issue with me and promissed me that he would go and research and let me know how he could save me money.

Next morning, he sent me a long e-mail, with all options available to me, his recommendation and the prices for each of those options.

Even though replacing the furnace is a significant expense and my Wife and I were not happy about the whole situation, Curt was able to make it a lot easier for us to make an informed decision. We went with his recommendation and to date we are very happy with our choice.

Installation was another great story, Curt was very diligent, prepared and took all the care necessary to more the old furnaces out and the new one in without causing any damage to the property.

To conclude, I would recommend Curt to all my friends and family.

Kim Shllaku,

My furnace broke down late one night and I heard about Jamison furnace so I thought I would call. Curt not only answered but also said he would be at my house in about a half hour. He came and checked y furnace which needed a part and e didn’t have it, but he said he would order it first thing in the morning and be by to install it when I was finished work. Curt was waiting for me when I got home the next day. It took him about 15mins to install it and he double checked everything to make sure. He was very professional,great service and charged a very affordable price. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and call him again!

Julie Allen,

It is with pleasure I write this email concerning the outstanding service we receive from Curt (Jamison Furnace Ltd)

I have a number of rental properties in Calgary for which Curt maintains the mechanical issues for me. I can not express my gratitude for the quality of service he provides. He always attends to issues in a prompt manner. Frankly, Curt treats us like we are his only customer. He provides in detail all options concerning any level of service available. I have held properties for years, over which I have experienced many service calls from various techs, Curt’s work is exceptional.

Curt was recommended to me by Deerbridge Plbg,his employer, when I was looking to install a air conditioner. Deerbridge did not install air conditioners but recommended Curt to us. Lucky for us.

Wanda Bennetts,